The [BC]2 Scientific Committee is now inviting abstract submissions on biological and bioinformatics research and applications, and the development of methods and software.

Abstracts can be submitted for one of the six main conference topics and in one of the following three categories: oral presentation, poster + poster pitch and poster only. The main conference topics are:

  • Dynamics of immune processes: from responses to pathogens to immunotherapy
  • Deciphering ecology and evolution with creative genomics approaches
  • Machine Learning algorithms for advancing spatial biology
  • Methods in single-cell data analysis: from pre-processing to biological inference
  • Precision medicine: harnessing big data for cancer and other complex diseases
  • Proteins in 3D: the dynamics of protein structures and their interactions

Abstracts that do not fit into any of the above-mentioned categories can be submitted under the category “Others”. 

For more information on the individual sessions and on how to submit your abstract, please have a look at the abstract submission page.

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