We have joined forces with SCNAT to provide a registration fellowship to students allowing you to participate at reduced costs in [BC]2!

Participating as a student (BSc, MSc and PhD) at the conference is a prime opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research in computational biology and bioinformatics, and to network with other members of the community. It is also a great opportunity to enhance your career by initiating or strengthening the scientific exchange with other researchers or industries.

The call for applications is closed.

SCNAT Registration fellowship

In 2019, LS2 Life Sciences Switzerland and SIB created the LS2 Intersection Bioinformatics. Members of this newly formed intersection benefit from reduced registration fees to [BC]2.

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) has granted nine registration fellowships for students (BSc, MSc or PhD), who wish to participate in [BC]2 (only applicable to an on-site participation). Interested students can submit their motivation letter, which will be assessed by the Board of the LS2 Bioinformatics Intersection.

Requirements and procedures

Applicants need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be enrolled in an official Bachelor, Master or PhD programme (a copy of a valid student ID or certificate of the current inscription needs to be provided with the application).

  • The applicant must be an active member of LS2 by the time of the application (see the membership details).

  • The applicant must submit a motivation letter to explain why she/he would like to attend the [BC]2 conference and how the conference will benefit her/his career.

  • Application deadline: 31 May 2023


The acceptance notification for the registration fellowship will be sent via email end of June 2023 and is also announced on the LS2 and [BC]2 website after acceptance of the fellowship.

Please note:

  • If you are granted a registration fellowship, but already registered to [BC]2, the registration fee will be reimbursed; if not you will receive a registration code to set your registration fees to 0 CHF.

  • Travel and hotel need to be organized by the applicant. They are not covered by the fellowship.

  • All LS2 members can be intersection members (read below information about the LS2 Intersection Bioinformatics)

Important dates

  • 15 March 2023 – Fellowship call opens
  • 31 May 2023 - applications closed
  • end of June 2023 – Acceptance notification

The LS2 Intersection Bioinformatics materialises the fact that bioinformatics and life sciences feed from each other. Through activities that will be determined by its board, this intersection aims to 1) create additional bridges between the two disciplines, 2) foster collaborations between SIB Members and LS2 Members, and 3) accelerate the development of methods and tools supporting the latest experimental developments.

The Bioinformatics Intersection welcomes any LS2 member willing to discover more about bioinformatics and participate in common activities with SIB. Read more

How to join the new LS2 Bioinformatics intersection?

Existing LS2 members can log in at www.ls2.ch, click on "Change the LS2 Sections you are in" and change to/add the new intersection "Bioinformatics".

New members can apply for the LS2 membership here and select "Intersection Bioinformatics" in the online application form.