The topic of our keynote speaker Fabian Theis is out: "Learning single-cell dynamics across time and space".

Fabian Theis is  Director of Helmholtz Munich Computational Health Center and Scientific Director of HelmholtzAI. He is a Full Professor at TU Munich & Associate Faculty at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institut. 

He received a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of Regensburg in 2002 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Granada in 2003. During his early postdoc career, he worked as visiting researcher at several internationally renowned institutes.

Fabian Theis founded the network SingleCellOmics Germany (SCOG), coordinates the Munich School for Data Science (MUDS), and is co-directing the ELLIS Munich Unit. He is co-chair of the Bavarian AI Council, a member of EMBO, and on the Board of Directors of Human Cell Atlas, Inc.

Fabian Theis uses artificial intelligence to unlock the secrets of human cells. How do they interact, and what goes wrong with diseases at the cellular level? Single cell sequencing allows him and his team to analyse and model single cell heterogeneities and use machine and deep learning for prediction in biology and biomedicine.

Fabian Theis's Closing Lecture is on Wednesday 13 September.

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