Situated in Switzerland at the heart of Europe, Basel is one of the continent’s most convenient locations for major events. Basel is easily accessible from many European cities by plane or high-speed trains. Approximate travel times to the conference center:



When checking in as a guest at a hotel in Basel, you will receive a Mobility Ticket which gives you free use of public transport during your stay. Registration to [BC]2 does not include travel and accomodation. The following pages are provided for your information to help you making your own arrangements.



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Visa Requirements


Since 12 December 2008 Switzerland is an associated member state of the Schengen agreement and hence part of the Schengen area. The Schengen regulations apply for the entry and a stay that is not subject to authorisation up to three months. For individuals who are required to hold a visa, Switzerland will issue Schengen visas for a stay up to three months that are valid for the whole Schengen area.


For details about visa requirements for Switzerland, please contact your local Swiss consulate or the homepage of the Swiss Confederation: [FOM]