[BC]2 - Arriving by train


ICE Basel

Situated in Switzerland at the heart of Europe, for many partcipants arriving via the European high-speed train network will be the most convenient way of travelling to [BC]2.


Basel is an international rail hub: direct ICE, IC and EC daytime and nighttime connections from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and the Benelux countries.



Please note that Basel has three train stations: Basel SBB (Switzerland), Basel SNCF (France) and Basel Badischer Bahnhof (DB Germany) – all within 5-15 minutes of Congress Center:

Basel Badischer Bahnhof

This train station is the closest to the conference center (ca. 10 minutes walk to the Congress Center; or or 5 minutes with tram lines 2 or 6, exit at "Messeplatz"). All DB trains via Germany are arriving here.
Basel SBB Most trains from Switzerland are arriving at Basel SBB station. Take tram line 1 or 2 and exit at "Messeplatz" (ca. 15 minutes)
Basel SNCF (SBB)
Most trains from France are arriving at a seperate track at the Basel SBB train station. Take tram line line 1 or 2 and exit at "Messeplatz" (ca. 15 minutes).


 Links to train schedules to / from Basel:


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