The tutorials and workshops programme is now official. It will be possible to select one (or two in case of half-day) tutorial or workshop. 

See below the full list:


  • Single-Cell Transcriptomics: get started! (full day)
  • Introduction to Spatial Transcriptomics Data Analysis (full day)
  • SQL for data science (full day)
  • Make your research FAIRer with Quarto, GitHub and Zenodo (full day)
  • Omnibenchmark: open continuous community-driven benchmarking of computational methods (1/2 day - AM)
  • Using the Ensembl REST API to retrieve genome annotation data (1/2 day - AM)
  • Microbial genomics: from raw data to functional annotations to OpenGenomeBrowser (1/2 day - PM)


  • Mechanistic and AI digital twins in personalized medicine - two sides of the same coin (full day)
  • Standardization of single-cell metadata: an Open Research Data initiative (1/2 day - PM)

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