BC2 2011
Key Dates
Basel City


Thursday, 23. June 2011
8:00   Arrival & Registration
9:00   Welcome Notes (Dagmar Iber, SIB & DBSSE)
9:30   Opening Keynote Lecture:
Network Medicine: From Cellular Networks to the Human Diseasome,
Albert-László Barabási, Center of Complex Networks Research, Northeastern University and Department of Medicine, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA.
10:30   Coffee Break & Poster Session

Session I (Chair: Rolf Zeller)

11:00   Gene regulation by MAPK substrate competition,
Stanislav Y. Shvartsman
, Princeton University, NJ, USA.
11:30   The Gene Regulatory Logic of Sonic Hedgehog Morphogen Signaling,
James Briscoe, NIMR, London, UK.
12:00   In-silico Organogenesis: Multiscale modeling of limb development,
James Sharpe
, EMBL-CRG, Barcelona, Spain.
12:30   Lunch Break & Poster Session

Session II (Chair: Dagmar Iber)

14:30   Multiscale algorithms for deterministic and stochastic simulations of biological systems,
Petros Koumoutsakos, ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland.
15:00   Multiscale modeling of blood cells in health and disease,
Igor V. Pivkin, University of Lugano, Switzerland.
15:30   Coffee Break & Poster Session

Session III (Chair: Niko Beerenwinkel)

16:00   A methodological framework for multiscale and multiscience modeling,
Bastien Chopard, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
16:30   Application of multi-scale models in drug development,
Birgit Schoeberl
, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA, USA.
17:00   Modeling malaria at both infection and population levels
Thomas Smith, Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland.
17:30   Conference Apero & Basel @ night
Friday, 24. June 2011
8:00   Arrival & Registration

Session IV (Chair: Vassily Hatzimanikatis & Martin Fussenegger)

8:30   Engineering Synthetic Mammalian Gene Networks – From Tools to Therapies,
Martin Fussenegger
, D-BSSE, ETHZ, Basel, Switzerland.
9:00   Designing Biological Systems,
Pamela Silver
, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
9:30   Genetic clocks from engineered oscillators,
Jeff Hasty
, UCSD, San Diego, CA, USA.
10:00   Coping with stress in a synthetic world,
Lingchong You, Duke University, NC, USA.
10:30   Coffee Break & Poster Session

Session V (Chair: Bastien Chopard)

11:00   A Multiscale Model for In-Stent Restenosis,
Alfons G. Hoekstra
, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
11:30   Multiscale cardiac contraction modeling: Think locally and act globally,
John Jeremy Rice, IBM T.J Watson Research Center, NY, USA.
12:00   Lunch Break & Poster Session
    Session VI (Chair: Ron Appel)
14:00   SIB - best poster award winner
    SIB - best graduate paper award winner
    SIB - young Bioinformatician award winner
15:00   Closing Keynote Lecture:
Computational Science versus Computer Science.
Thomas A. Henzinger, IST, Vienna, Austria.
16:00   Closing remarks

17:00   End of Conference & Departures



Conference Chairs:

  • Dagmar Iber (SIB & D-BSSE, ETH Zürich in Basel)
  • Torsten Schwede (SIB & Biozentrum, University of Basel)
[BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference is a symposium of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics organized by:
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